Blogging will change you and how you see the world.

Blogging is not what you think. Blogging is a whole lot more than you could ever imagine before you actually do it. Blogging at heart is about communicating your thoughts to other people and developing a connection with them and with yourself that you never thought possible.

Blogging can be a self-affirming hobby or a lucrative endeavor. No matter what your goal in starting a blog might be, there is one thing that is certain. Through blogging, your will grow, change and become more than the person you are now. Blogging will change your life. Here are 17 reasons you should start a blog. There are countless ways that blogging will impact your life.

1.  A Blog Can Serve as a Personal Journal

When I was going through a challenging transition in my life or hit a rough patch, the best advice I ever received was this:  Journal your thoughts. The mere act of using your hands to write or type your thoughts is magical. If you will allow the floodgates to open and not analyze what you are writing as you are writing it, amazing things will pour out of you onto the page.

New insights into your own thoughts, values and priorities will reveal themselves. You’ll feel free to spill out onto the page your deepest thoughts, dreams and fears. Things you would never share with a casual acquaintance in conversation, you can share onto the page. Others who have faced or are facing similar issues will find what you have written.

Once they are on the page, upon reflection, you’ll realize how valuable your experiences and insights can be for others. Thoughts and feelings we believe are so private and unique and we wouldn’t dare share, through writing and sharing, we come to realize are universal. With a little tweaking and editing, you’ll be proud to share what you have experienced and learned so others may benefit.

2.  You’ll Develop a Talent for Uncovering What Is Truly Meaningful Amongst the Mundane

Chances are, as you begin to blog, you will write about every day happenings in your life; something you personally experienced or witnessed. You will soon notice that some meaning arises from each experience. There is some thought or feeling that you take away from the experience you wrote about that stays with you. Had you not taken the time to write it down, you might never have thought deeply enough about the experience to assign any meaning to it. The meaning is the gold. That’s what you are mining for in the words you lay down on paper. It’s what makes your life fuller and richer.

“I write to discover what I know.”
–Flannery O’Connor

3.  You Will Live a More Intentional Life

Recently, one of my readers commented that she had felt stymied for years from pursuing her dreams because she was so confused about what she really wanted. The deep reflection she enabled by blogging provided the clarity she sought.

By allowing yourself to reveal the deepest part of your “self” to yourself, through writing, you will come to truly know who you are and who you want to become. You then will be better equipped to make decisions in your life.

When your values and priorities become crystal clear, you can easily distinguish what courses of action are right for you from those you may regret. Your best next move will become clear.

4.  You Just May Inspire Others

When you publish your thoughts on the world wide web, others will read and consume your writing. As bloggers, we are able to affect someone profoundly with a poignant story. We can change readers’ minds about social injustice, how to raise their children, how to prepare for their retirement or any number of important subjects. Blogging benefits the blogger in so many ways. Blogging is also a selfless act of giving. When others let you know they were helped or inspired by your writing, that is an incredible feeling!

5.  You’ll Make New Friends

One of the wonderful surprises about blogging is that there is a whole world of interesting, supportive people online. These are people I never had the opportunity to know before blogging. You’ll find the same to be true for you too. As you write, your niche will reveal itself. Others are already blogging in that niche. They will be eager to get to know you and read what you have to say. You’ll get to know them through the comments they leave you on your blog posts, via social media and emails. The blogging community is welcoming, encouraging and genuinely eager to help you succeed. To join them, you only need to become a blogger yourself.

6.  You’ll Get More Out of Life and Enjoy Life More

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
–Anaïs Nin

The more we reflect on our lives, the more precious our experiences become to us. We blog to think more deeply about the human experience. We blog to connect with others and their experiences.

Humans love stories about other humans. It’s part of our DNA. Stories we read about others’ experiences connect us to one another. The more connections we have to people, places and events of the world and the human experience, the richer our lives become.

One of the reasons we envy celebrities, sports figures and others in positions of privilege is because of the richness of their life experiences. As a blogger, you’ll set sail in a river of life you never new existed. You’ll develop new perspectives and have “aha” moments as you interact with people online. You just might be amazed by the opportunities that will open to you once you start blogging.

7.  You Could Make Some Money From Your Writing

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a hobby that helps you grow as a human being and rewards you financially?  You can enjoy the many benefits of blogging without making any money from it. But what if you did?

Most hobbies cost you money. What if your hobby compensated you? Many bloggers first find their footing by writing a personal blog and then go on to make money from their blog through various means. Some bloggers branch out and and become freelance writers for other publications. The possibilities are endless.

8.  You’ll Feel Amazing When Someone Values Your Writing

You can, in about 2 minutes, set up Google Analytics (free) on your blog which will show you in real time how many people are reading your blog at any given moment, which blog post they are reading, how long they spend on that page and the town they live in. It can show you how they found your blog and which pages they go to next on your blog. You’ll be able to watch your numbers of readers grow over time in charts and graphs in Google Analytics.

We write to be read by others. I can’t fully describe the rush of excitement you’ll feel as you watch as others are reading your blog. When readers leave you comments saying they found value in what you wrote, you’ll be inspired to keep blogging!

9.  Blogging is Free

You can start a blog for free. There are services that will host your blog at no cost to you on their site. These no cost services are fine but they do have drawbacks and limitations that you will probably soon outgrow.

I suggest you go the “self-hosted” route from the start. For just a few dollars a month, you can:

  • Own all of your own content
  • Own your exclusive branded domain name
  • Create your site on the most popular and free blogging platform:
  • Have access to a limitless supply of both free and paid plug in add ons
  • Choose from a limitless supply of both free and low cost themes for your blog which make setting up a beautiful blog easy and quick
  • Host your blog on a safe, fast server – I recommend Bluehost to host your blog

10. You’ll Develop a Following or Even a Tribe

As you blog, you’ll discover a particular topic that you find you write about the most. In doing so, you will find your niche!  Readers will come to know you as a “go to” blogger in your niche. Before long, you will have a loyal following. You might call this group of readers your “tribe”. Your readers have in common that they like what you have to say, they learn from you and they want more information from you. Your Tribe will return again and again to read more of your content. It’s kind of amazing to have not been the most popular person in school and to now have a “tribe”!

11.  Your Confidence Will Grow

“A word after a word after a word is power.”
–Margaret Atwood

With each blog post you write, your words will begin to flow. Some days it will be more of a challenge than others, but if you keep at it on a regular basis, your confidence in your ability to communicate your thoughts will grow.

Thoughtful communication is powerful. As you strengthen your writing muscles, the importance of what you are communicating will become more clear. When you realize the importance of what you have to say, your confidence to communicate it will flourish.

12.  Your Writing Will Improve

Most people start blogging with little to no writing experience or training. You can learn to write as you go. Writing is just talking that is memorialized. The best writing is down-to-earth, real and honest. No one expects or wants your high school English teacher’s stiff, formal style. Read what others write and keep writing. You’ll absorb from others effective communications styles. Your writing will improve as you continue to communicate your thoughts through blogging.

13.  You’ll Discover You are Creative After All

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.”
John Steinbeck

You may not think you are creative or good enough with words to write. Writing may bring up painful memories of things you wrote in school that were criticized by your teacher or others. I had that experience in college.

I entered college thinking I was a pretty good writer. My first piece for a creative writing class was met with the very opposite of the accolades I was anticipating. I was crushed. I dropped out of Creative Writing class and did not write again for years.

Now that I am a blogger, I know that creativity can be expressed many different ways. Once you begin blogging, I predict you’ll be dispelling those negative voices in your head that criticize and demean your abilities. You’ll unlock your own brand of creativity.

14.  You’ll Enjoy a Sense of Belonging and Connection in the World

When you experience having your first reader, you’ll realize that you are now a part of the world wide community of human beings connected on the web. It’s a wonderful feeling to connect with others whose interests are similar to yours. This connection will give you a comfortable sense of belonging. Even if you are already a member of one or more other groups, becoming a blogger is unique.

Blogging is different from simply interacting on social media. As a blogger, you’ll belong to a much more exclusive group. You’ll find that because of your interactions in the blogging world, you’ll gain different perspectives and information that you can bring to your in person interactions – making those interactions deeper and richer. Regular, meaningful interaction with other people and the feeling of connectedness it engenders it is critical to staying healthy as we age.

15.  You Will Become a Better Thinker

Writing makes you a better thinker. The process of writing involves analyzing your thoughts, prioritizing, discarding what is not important and making decisions. Your thinking skills can’t help but improve with blogging!

16.  You’ll Discover More Things in Life To Enjoy

Blogging involves choosing topics to write about. As you cast about for ideas, more and more ideas will come to you. You’ll find yourself thinking about issues and topics that you may never have considered otherwise. As you communicate with your readers, they will bring more information to you via their comments. You will learn about new things that make life more fun.

17.  It’s Quick and Easy to Start a Blog

You can start a blog in the next 5 minutes.  It’s that simple and quick to start your own blog with Bluehost. Oh, you can spend more time making it pretty. But you don’t need to. You can find and use photos from free services online or take your own, if you like. Once you start blogging, like me, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!

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