Knowing your personality type and living your true type matters.

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The famous Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung, pointed out the effects of what he referred to as “Falsification of Type.”  It has many symptoms. Find out if what you are experiencing, indicates that you may not be living true to your type. If not, a CORE MAP assessment and facilitation can change your life in ways many have described as miraculous. 

The CORE Multidimensional Awareness Profile® (CORE MAP) is far more than just an assessment. It is a system for deep and insightful analysis.

CORE gets right to the heart of what really matters. With CORE, analysis of natural and conditioned traits, development levels of essential competencies, emotional intelligence, coping patterns, which behaviors create stress and which motivate and energize, are all presented in one unified system. 

No other assessment can see more deeply or more broadly than CORE MAP. We continually hear from those who experience it that the acronym is a perfect description of the result; CORE MAP is literally a MAP to the CORE of your being. It get beyond the conditioned persona (which is what gets reported on most assessments) and to the CORE of your true being.

The truly multidimensional and integrated approach is robust enough to uncover conditioned effects, reveal the authentic person and provide specific feedback for rapid, highly efficient development.

Once you know who you are authentically, and exactly what you need to do to develop your true self fully, your effectiveness and enjoyment of life increase exponentially.  

You no longer feel lost or confused about where you are headed. Your passion and purpose become clear, and you are able to create a vision and a mission that serves you in the most enjoyable way. From there, anything is possible.

Are you experiencing the effects of what Carl Jung called “Falsification of Type? Discover the many symptoms that may indicate you are not living your life as your true self and are holding yourself back and even suffering because of it. Find out if you are experiencing symptoms of Falsification of Type.

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