As much as we tamp it down, crush it, ignore it, shroud it and even ridicule it, our imagination continues to try reach us. It yearns to reach the light and air, to be set free and to take us along on a marvelous, life-changing ride.

It’s the dichotomy of the human condition. Our imagination loves to soar with endless possibilities of what our life could be like, things we could create, ways we could impact others’ lives and our own. Our reason, in all its misguided wisdom, in trying to protect us from wolves, falling off cliffs and our own limitations, is nemesis to our loving imagination. Our imagination wants nothing more than the most magnificent, exciting and joy-filled experiences that leave us grinning and giddy. Reason only wants to keep us safe like an over-protective parent.

Inspiration is the precocious child of imagination. Our reason keeps our child in straight rows, hands by its side, sullen and obediently following all the rules. Imagination beckons behind the gatekeeper. “Come out and play! Cartwheel and careen with me on this sun-kissed summer day!”

Only when we can let Reason know that it can rest while we safely play with Imagination will we be free to run wild. Wildness gives Imagination full rein. What then? What happens when Imagination runs free unfettered by the constricts of Reason?

Inspiration arrives!

When we allow ourselves to daydream, imagine, let our creative genius escape into the wild, inspiration creeps in “on little cat feet” and surprises us with its brilliance.

It is impossible to “reason” inspiration into existence. Reason is a cousin of Fear. Fear keeps Imagination and Inspiration at bay.

Reason can wait its turn. Let Imagination and Inspiration dance, play and concoct wild, audacious plans. Only after Imagination and Inspiration lie happily exhausted and panting, only then let Reason play its role in shaping our imaginative, inspired ideas into something that can become real.

When will you feel safe enough to not hide from Imagination and Inspiration? When will you let You come out and play?

Take a chance!